The Destruction of Black Civilization by Dr. Chancellor Williams is one of the most powerful Black history books I have ever read. Here is my review. Beginning in , Oggi Ogburn had the honor of traveling and working with the great author-historian, Dr. Chancellor Williams. please donate ?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ZPEYVFREKA.


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My miseducation was confirmed when I watched movies like Cleopatra — the movie featuring an all white cast. Then I read the Destruction of Black Civilization. This book chancellor williams me the truth: And when white and Arab invaders swept into Kemet, chancellor williams Blacks of the Nile were pushed further south.

Chancellor Williams

They could therefore enter Black territory from which Whites were barred. These Arabs confused African leaders everywhere, increased the tensions and tribal wars among them, and helped mightily in destroying the independence of African states.

Time and time again chancellor williams same theme played out: The Mossi Chancellor williams The only circumstances where African nations were able to protect and preserve themselves was when the Great Mossi Prophecy was respected: It was the only Black nation in time, to see this.

Indeed, Mossi prophecy held that when the chancellor williams white man appeared in the land the nation would die.

The re-birth of African civilization: Chancellor Williams: : Books

The Mossi policy of excluding whites or rigidly chancellor williams the number and controlling their activities in the country further illuminates an African experience that is already so clear that it should require no additional light: All African states that began to develop again after the great dispersion, rebuilding and expanding, were prosperous and advancing as Black states as long as they barred the relentless, aggressive whites from their countries; and their destruction became certain only when they abanloned this policy and let the Asians and Europeans in.

On this the record is entirely clear. The Mossi held on steadfastly to their own African religion and African institutions and survived over five hundred years, into the 20th century. The present-day confused outlook of the African people -is the result of centuries of Caucasian acculturation, a quite natural process wherever one people come under the economic, political and social domination of another people.

This is achieved by using chancellor williams manipulation, religion, and most importantly ideologies. But all other oppressed peoples, whether Indian, Chinese or Japanese, were able to hold on doggedly to their own racial pride and cultural heritage as the last resource for survival as a people.

Thus he devoted his lifetime and academic pursuits to the study of ancient history.

Similar authors to follow

He conducted field studies covering 26 nations in West, Central, East and Southern Africa, researching some different societies and language groups.

The results are an interpretation of Black History from the conquered as opposed to that of the conqueror. He assessed the factors that lead to the downfall of a chancellor williams who were chancellor williams the "Cradle of Civilization.

Meanwhile, all of these insights and ideas are available. Professor Williams published over 50 articles, professional books, and lectures.

Four years later he became a teacher chancellor williams the Washington, DC public schools. With World War II imminent, he entered the civil service system in the Federal government inchancellor williams as section chief of the Census Bureaua statistician for War Relocation Board, and an economist in Office of Price Administration.

Chancellor Williams

In he returned to his alma mater Howard University as a social science instructor, teaching until He transferred to the history department. By the s, he was lecturing and writing about African history chancellor williams a position of Chancellor williams.


He concentrated on African civilizations before the European encounter, and was one of a chancellor williams of scholars who asserted that Egypt had been a black civilization. He was a scholar at Howard until his retirement in Afterward he continued his studies and writing.

Great Issues of a Chancellor williams Between B.