Love, longing, and loss suffuse de Giovanni's elegiac, autumnal eighth Commissario Ricciardi mystery set in s Naples (after 's The. The Commissario Ricciardi book series by Maurizio de Giovanni includes books I Will Have Vengeance, Blood Curse: The Springtime of Commissario Ricciardi. In this fourth installment of the internationally successful Commissario Ricciardi series, the Commissario is investigating the death of Matteo, one of the many.


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Commissario Ricciardi mostly lives a lonely life.

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The novels of Commissario Ricciardi take place during the s. In commissario ricciardi to being commissario ricciardi author, Giovanni is a professional banker.

He likes to write books about the historic matches played by the soccer team of Naples. The books penned by Giovanni are available to read in the English language for the first time.

Nameless Serenade

commissario ricciardi The Commissario Ricciardi series written by Maurizio de Giovanni is comprised of a total commissario ricciardi 11 novels and 1 novella, which were released between the years and All the books of this series depict the lead character as Commissario Ricciardi. It was released by the Fandango publication in Author Giovannia has depicted the time of the year in Naples and has mentioned the important characters as Luigi Ricciardi, the Camparino Duchess, and Brigadier Maione.

Now, the city is getting ready to deal with the heat of the hot summer. Ricciardi is informed about a new case that he has to investigate along with Brigadier Maione.

Commissario Ricciardi Series Audiobooks |

Ricciardi has an outspoken attitude and does not like to take orders from others. He likes to take his own decisions and carries on with investigations in his own style.

A number of people believe that Ricciardi keeps a secret and speaks to the Devil commissario ricciardi. But, only he knows that he can listen to the dead, mostly the murder victims. When the beautiful Camparino Duchess gets killed mysteriously, Ricciardi receives word from the murdered woman and begins to commissario ricciardi for a lead in the case.

He looks to solve the case as soon commissario ricciardi possible and put the murderer behind bars. Fandango Books released this book too in Once again, the plot is set in Naples during the year The chief characters described in the story include Matthew and Commissario Ricciardi.

At the beginning of the story commissario ricciardi the book, it is depicted that Ricciardi continues to remain the undisputed hero of the crime scene of Naples in s.


He has the capability to solve every case with precision and skills. He is helped by the dead themselves as Ricciardi is able to seize the last thoughts of the dead commissario ricciardi until their death.

However, this ability does not commissario ricciardi to be useful in some of the criminal cases having an ultimate mystery. The new case comes to Ricciardi during a rainy day.

When he is commissario ricciardi in Naples under the heavy clouds, he comes commissario ricciardi the dead body of a child. At first, the child seems to have died due to natural causes, but later, he discovers that someone has killed him.