The protester argues that by CAT's failure to sub-nit. DD Form , "Contract Data Requirements List", and DD. Form , "Data Item Description" with its bid. For the DD Forms (Data Item Descriptions), specific documents cited in Item 10 shall apply (but not additional documents referenced. approved DIDs are cited on the DD Form MIL-STD- Si può avere un singolo DD Form o una serie di DD Su DD Form , necessità eliminata.


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The contractor, as an independent contractor and not as an agent of dd form 1664 government, shall furnish the necessary services, personnel, labor, facilities, materials, supplies, and equipment except those specifically designated as Government furnished to perform the work as detailed specifically in pages of the proposal entitled "Nanode Array Sensor Microchips" as submitted by CombiMatrix Corporation and dated 12 Oct The contractor shall ensure all subcontractors comply with 32 CRF The contractor shall formalize all required support documents with the local agencies.

The contractor shall correct all major deficiencies noted during safety compliance inspections prior to beginning or continuing operation IAW the governments contracting officer's instructions. It is, therefore, in the best interest of the Government to afford the parties a full and complete understanding of their respective obligations.

Contractor personnel under this contract shall not: This is not to be construed or interpreted to establish any degree of Government control which is inconsistent with a nonpersonal services contract.

Therefore in the event the contractor or its employee are directed by any Government employee to perform task that the contractor believes are personal services, the contractor should take no action until it has contacted the Procuring Contracting Officer to determine the appropriate course of action.

When requesting such approval, the contractor dd form 1664 provide the name of the individual involved, date and place of birth, country or current citizenship, registration number, port of entry and the proposed position in which the employee will be utilized.

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Requests for approval shall be submitted to the Procuring Contracting Officer. However, Section K is incorporated in and forms a part of the resultant contract as though furnished in full text therewith.

Block 7, DD Form Requirement. This block designates the location source or destination for performance of Government inspection and acceptance. Dd form 1664 applicable codes for inspection and acceptance are cited below.

The Government activity to perform the destination acceptance task is entered in Block dd form 1664 as the first addressee. Block 8, Approval Code. Items of critical data requiring specific advanced written approval, such as test plans, are identified by an "A" in this field.

The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America - Google Books

Most of these data require submission of a preliminary draft prior to publication of a final document. When advanced approval is not required, this field is a blank.

The codes used in this block are cited below: Block 13 is used for further explanation. When data is of a recurring type, it will be submitted at end of reporting period established in field unless otherwise indicated in Data Preparation Instructions or in Blocks 12 or 13 of DD Form When data is submitted only once, this block indicates the number dd form 1664 days the data is to be dd form 1664 prior to the end of the reporting period; e.


Further guidance is shown in Block 13 or 16 as required. Block 12, Date of First Submission.


When data has already been submitted and will be resubmitted, the date of the next submission is entered. When the contract starts: It is better to avoid them unless a choice is to be dd form 1664.