Issue # Vol. XV, No. 6. November Publisher James M. Ward Editor Roger E. Moore Fiction editor. Barbara G. Young Assistant editor. Dale A. Donovan. by the editors of DRAGON Magazine and, except for minor editing, appear as they were written. Dear Dragon: About what time and age do. DRAGON® issue # for humanoid PC races and classes). The following examples are the centaur cavalier, the orc barbar- ian, and the lizard-man druid.


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Gnomes often go into this line of work, which allows them to work spells and keep dragon magazine 163 to the earth with their herbcraft. Typical sagecraft deals with the mind, though history is a very popular topic. Hedge wizards have more of a rustic image, preferring a comfortable and sedentary life.

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Hedge wizards are rarely good targets for thieves, since these wiz- ards generally have no reputations or vast wealth. Anyone dragon magazine 163 can best a hedge wizard in a spell duel is unlikely to actu- ally gain much from the accomplishment.

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Killing a hedge wizard is likewise of little value, though the other merchants and members of the town council may get peeved at people who come in dragon magazine 163 do such things. If a hedge wizard dies due dragon magazine 163 other than natu- ral causes, other mages who find out may start proceedings to deal with the problem and make an example, if nothing else.

In game terms, once a decision to be- come a hedge wizard has been made, level dragon magazine 163 is slowed dramatically. The character does not go on adventures and does not make magical items.

Experience is gained only through adventures that come to the hedge wizard, such as meet- ing a burglar when opening up the shop in the morning.


Magic use generally has a poor public image, not all of it undeserved. One dragon magazine 163 has to think of the damage that could be caused by an out-of-control fire elemental in a city built largely of wood to appreciate the problem.

The specialist schools Specialist wizards are much like doctors in America. The general practitioner or Diviners are the ones the adventurers seek out when the latter come home dragon magazine 163 with plunder.

Dragon Magazine

An honest diviner is not difficult to find, though a few cause bad reputations for the remainder. Any diviner in business has the basic detection spells, and the majority have identify and detect curse.

If hired to cast identify, the diviner automatically charges for the and casts it dragon magazine 163.


Because diviners have so few spells dealing with their specialty, they dragon magazine 163 as sages with at least two major fields.

Commonly a diviner has proficien- cies in astrology and weather sense. Invokers deal with bringing something into being through their spellcraft.

Dragon magazine số 163

One never knows when a barroom brawl will esca- late, so having a web spell handy becomes a good reason to keep an invoker about. Invokers are also dragon magazine 163 to dragon magazine 163 flaming spheres out over fields to clear them be- fore planting. The typical invoker has knowledge about a few special fields of interest, these being more individual hob- bies than something suggested by their particular mind sets.

Necromancers deal with dark magic and the raising of the dead.

One would therefore expect them to be a particularly nasty lot, but they are often worse than imagined. Necromancers tend to go into taxidermy and have skeletal servitors do dragon magazine 163 fetching and carrying.

Necroman- cers who expect to get along with their neighbors should not consider dragon magazine 163 zom- bies, the odor being sure to lower all prop- erty values.