Access download and support information for Framework de Instalación. Windows Server R2 bit. Windows Server R2 bit. 6/03/ Patch for. No information is available for this page. Microsoft Windows Server Instalación y configuración Avanzada. 2ª Edición on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.


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Framework de Instalación

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Right-click the folder, and then click Sharing and Security.

Click Share this folder, and then accept the default name or type a different name for the share. Optionally, configure the number of users who can connect, configure permissions for this folder, and then configure the caching options.

Como instalar Windows Server en Virtual Box by Samanta Paulino Acevedo on Prezi

A little hand is displayed in the Windows Explorer window to indicate that the folder is being shared. Click Print server in the Server role box, and then click Next.

On the "Printers and Printer Drivers" page, click the types of Windows clients that your print server will support, and instalacion windows server 2003 click Next. Click Local printer attached to this computer, click to clear the Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer check box, and then click Next.

Click the port for your printer, and then click Next.

To continue using , please upgrade your browser.

Click the printer make and model or provide the drivers from the printer instalacion windows server 2003 media, and then click Next. If you are prompted to keep or not keep your existing printer driver, either keep the existing driver or replace the existing driver.

If you replace the driver, you must provide the manufacturer driver for this printer. Click Next to continue.

Accept the default name of the printer or provide a different name, and then click Next. Click the Share as option, type the share name, and then click Next.

Instalación Windows Server on Vimeo

This step is optional because you can share the printer later. You may provide the location of the printer and a comment to make it easier to locate. Your printer appears in the Printers and Faxes folder.