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So, the implication of this is freedom of excessive euphoria. The success of the child based only from the perspective of the child's success in academic course. While the kitab alfiyah pdf to excel of ethics, morals, and character less getting serious attention.

Therefore, even though the students excel in intelligence quotient IQbut in emotional quotient EQ they are in crisis of becoming alarming character.

In this context, the existence of children's character education is considered very important for the next generation as an kitab alfiyah pdf to excel part of their life and living.

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The purpose of this study was to determine the thinking of Ibnu Qayyim al-Jawziyya about the concept of character education of children. The method of writing this research use library kitab alfiyah pdf to excel library researchthe research done by collecting data and information by reading, studying and then analyze literatures relating to the theme, both primary primary sources and secondary secondary sources.

Then analyzed using content analysis method content analysis in the form of descriptive-Analytic. The results of the research in this dissertation shows that the concept of character education of children according to Ibnu Qayyim al-Jawziyya emphasis on the four major ways: The importance of introducing kids about the monotheistic God, 2.


The need to teach children the principal teachings of religion, kitab alfiyah pdf to excel. Teach kitab alfiyah pdf to excel familiarize children on good ethics and morals, 4.

Praise and meaningful punishment. Adian Husaini noted, "has been widely understood that the wave of global cultural trend today largely a product of the West, spread around the world via electronic technology advantages and various forms of media and communication systems. Terms such as colonization of culture cultural imperialism colonization media media imperialismeviction cultural cultural cleansinga dependency culture cultural Character Education of Children's Perspective Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah dependencyand the occupation of electronics electronic colonialism is used to describe the global culture in new and various consequences on society of non -Western.

This means that the effects of globalization increasingly leads to a new form of colonialism that imperialism Western culture to other cultures of the world. The effects of globalization can be an erosion of one's faith. This is the main problem of the crisis of character in children. Those cause of the weakening of the quality of students and the quality of the output produced from an education, especially in terms of morals, ethics, and values character personality in religious life and the nation.

Therefore, the re- emergence of the idea of character-based education today, based by the growing erosion of character and personality began fading as a nation, as well as well as human development efforts righteous morals and noble character. Therefore, it should be conceived character education of children as a form of coaching the national identity to students.

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Here, the authors describe some kitab alfiyah pdf to excel the opinions of experts on these terms. Education etymologically, can be defined as the process of changing attitudes and code of conduct individual or group in an effort to mature human being through the efforts of teaching, training and coaching.

Education can also mean the process, ways and works to educate Alwi, According to Park While the meaning of the terminology, education can be interpreted as a conscious and deliberate effort to create an atmosphere of learning and the learning process so that learners are actively developing the potential for him to have the spiritual power of religion, self-control, personality, intelligence, character and the skills required by him, society, nation and state Anwar Arifin, Definition of characters in the etymological principle, is a term derived from the Greek characters, namely kharaseein, which originally means engrave marks on paper or wax that serves as a differentiator Karen Bohlin, Thomas Lickona argued that the meaning of the character is, "A reliable inner disposition to respond to situations in a morally good way Lickona, From the above explanation, the notion of character is a way of thinking and behaving that characterizes the individual who delivered the good deeds without thought out beforehand and without consideration, to live and work; both within the family, community, nation and state to form a moral maturity in order to become a perfect man.

While the intent of the children here are born to parents, both same-sex male or female, large or small Ibnu Mandzur, tt: Thus, from multiple exposures above about character education of children, it can be concluded that the character education of children is a kitab alfiyah pdf to excel and deliberate effort made by educators to students who are immature or have not experienced puberty and not yet 21 years of age in order to grow and bring forth deeds both to live and work, both within the family, community, nation and state to form a moral maturity in order to become a perfect man.


Then, they will be described in a special context according to. Therefore, if a person has true faith in Allah, then he will be submissive and kitab alfiyah pdf to excel to all things commanded and avoid any forbidden him.

On the basis of exposure and explanation of the concepts of character education of children Ibnu Qayyim above perspective, an outline of the concept of character education of children according to Ibnu Qayyim emphasis on four important things, namely: The importance of introducing kids to the God of monotheism b.