Thongor and the Wizard of Lemuria. By Lin as a modern publishing genre then the single editor and critic with the same claim was Lin Carter. Young Thongor by Lin Carter, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Thongor of Lemuria is a fantasy novel by American writer Lin Carter, the second book of his Thongor series set on the fictional lost continent of ‎: ‎Thongor series.


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Well, they probably wouldn't have started off with superscience. Rather, most likely, they clawed their way up to civilization just like we did, beginning with pointed sticks and stone tools.

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We could imagine that they would have done most of the things we did - domestication of lin carter thongor, agriculture, metallurgy and textiles. They would have moved up to the bronze age and then the iron age, founded cities and then empires.

But there's probably a few things that would have happened differently.


Lemuria is an Island continent isolated. That will have consequences. Humanity spread and moved back and forth through Africa, Lin carter thongor and Lin carter thongor, with literally hundreds, even thousands of cultures emerging in a supercontinent of 35 million square miles, trading and filtering ideas and advances back and forth.

In contrast, Lemuria was less than a 20th of that, so fewer cultures, smaller population, and likely a much slower rate of progress.

ERBzine Thongor

lin carter thongor It likely took the Smart Dinos of Lemuria far far longer to make the same progress. Humanity's spread beyond Africa, Asia and Europe was much more difficult.

And yet, Australia and the Americas were very hard to colonize, reached possibly once each, tens of thousands of years ago, and lin carter thongor lost for millenia, not rediscovered until the last years. As noted, giant islands like Madagascar and New Zealand were not settled until the last thousand years.

In short, humans had much, much, much better breaks than the intelligent Dinos of Lemuria, in terms of exploring and settling strange lands, and didn't do much with them.

Thongor and the Wizard of Lemuria

Lemuria's closest neighbors were Antarctica and Australia, both relatively inhospitable, neither particularly close. It's likely that the Lemurian Lin carter thongor didn't go sea exploring, and didn't discover the rest of the world until extremely late in their history, not until they'd reached a Renaissance level of technology, and perhaps not even until much, much later.

It's worth noting that China had a renaissance level of technology a thousand years previous and had never bothered to go exploring. So the Reptile men may well have lagged to as late as 18th or 19th or even 20th century technology before they'd discovered the rest of the world.

So, we have a relatively intelligent species on a very small continent slowly climbing up the path to civilization?

Lin carter thongor thinking is that they probably screwed it up a lot.

Thongor Series by Lin Carter

Spoken to any Sumerians lately? How about those johnny come lately Pharoahs? Our history is littered with dead and lin carter thongor civilisations, and we've only been at it 10, years. Of course, most of our dead civilizations were mugged by other civilizations.

The Dino-Men probably don't have that, or at least not as much of that. Their civilizations were probably a lot longer lasting.

Young Thongor

On the lin carter thongor hand, our civilizations and culture have a good record of driving other species into extinction, wrecking the environment, spreading diseases, and using up all the available resouces, or simply overpopulating their territories.

All these things probably happened to the Dino-Men, and probably lead to their civilizations collapsing fairly regularly. Finally, of course, the question becomes how far could they get, and what sort of technology they might produce. We can assume that they developed relatively sophisticated lin carter thongor.

Thongor of Lemuria by Lin Carter - Books - Hachette Australia

We had that in the old world for thousands of years, and even in the new world they were verging on it with workings of copper and gold. We can also assume that they probably discovered and developed electricity, we lin carter thongor evidence that the Sumerians thousands of years ago may have been playing with that stuff.

By the same token, the Greeks were mucking about with primitive steam engines, so its likely that the Reptiles probably found their way to steam power. They almost certainly found their way to some grasp lin carter thongor chemistry.

But how much further?