Moving people on - The My Shared Pathway approach is designed for use in secure mental health services with the aim of reducing the time. The aim of My Shared Pathway is to help reduce the time a person is in a secure service. In the video below Cygnet Hospital Kewstoke’s Steve Miller talks to Ian Callaghan, National Service User Recovery Lead, and a leading advocate of My Shared Pathway. My Shared Pathway - An. All the Shared Pathway resource documents and resources are available on the web site at: ‐networks/my‐shared‐pathway.


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One that caught my eye was feedback about the involvement of service users in developing their own care plans and care planning meetings in secure settings using the My Shared My shared pathway approach. My shared pathway people on - The My Shared Pathway approach is designed for use in secure mental health services with the aim of reducing the time people spend in them, but the ideas are well rooted in principles of effective care planning that should be applied more widely.

My shared pathway – involving service users of secure mental health services

My shared pathway am I now? The Therapy programme is reviewed 12 weekly, and patients are encouraged to suggest activities based on personal interests. This enables patients to co facilitate groups. Consultation Consultation and focus groups with service users on everything from meals, facilities, visiting arrangements to choice of furniture went shoppingcolour schemes.


At their own leisure service users put suggestions in the box which are in turn looked at my shared pathway back to local community meetings. All the suggestions are taken to the monthly service user meeting. There is also a monthly PALS talkback newsletter. My shared pathway user and carer groups Patient focus groups Patient representatives attend meetings at Corporate and Service level that are concerned with decision making.

Feed back in given and obtained at Community Meetings.

My Shared Pathway - Cygnet Health Care

Local decisions are facilitated via ward representatives attending the Clinical Team Meetings Patients on some of the wards have also been involved in our annual review of our Operational Policy.

They are currently reviewing sections on ward expectations and new patient information. Patients are given the opportunity to meet with the Ward Manager if there are specific issues regarding the management of the ward my shared pathway they wish to discuss.

If a service user has had rapid tranquilization then there is a process for them to write about their experience Patients were involved in choosing which artist to commission for the displayed artwork PALS contribute to Patient Forums around the service Our approach to working through the [Star Wards] action plan was to start off by finding out how many of the ideas were already implemented on the unit.

My shared pathway do this we needed the input from as many patients and staff members as possible. There is a weekly amenity budget which can be used to purchase items for the unit environment, and patients are consulted and encouraged to make choices as to how this money is spent.

Patients are also encouraged to make choices that affect the unit appearance and environment, including artwork, decorations, colour schemes, wallpaper patterns, furniture, etc.

Patients can have individual sessions with the nurse on the night shift if there are any unresolved issues from the day. At the Medium Secure Unit patients are encouraged to participate in activities with a view to developing my shared pathway to hopefully eventually instil my shared pathway to lead their own group.

Patients are encouraged to discuss issues or areas of concern with their key worker.

Patient involvement - Star Wards

Service User Experts work closely with mental health professionals and use their lived experience as a team member on peer reviews. The hospital has a patient representative on the My shared pathway Governance group this is an active role and the patient was voted for by the patient group.

Care planning Patients are encouraged to write their own care plans and my shared pathway risk assessments. Each patient has a personal recovery file that they keep in their bedroom and take with them on discharge.

The form was discussed at the community meeting.

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A variety of staff are always available to patients to discuss issues surrounding care plans. Key Workers have dedicated time each month to go through care plans my shared pathway patients and collaboration is encouraged where possible.

Laptop can be used to type out care plans with patients present, if required.