On May 14, , Roque Dalton was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. His father was one of the members of the outlaw Dalton brothers and his mother was a. Roque Antonio Dalton García (San Salvador, El Salvador, 14 May – Quezaltepeque, El Salvador, 10 May ), born Roque Antonio. El Salvadorian revolutionary poet Roque Dalton, assassinated in by a faction of his own organization, the Ejército Revolucionario del.


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Roque Dalton

After a year at the University of Santiago, Chile, Roque dalton Dalton attended the University of San Salvador inwhere he helped found the University Literary Circle just before the Salvadoran military set fire to the building.

The following year he joined the Communist Party; he was arrested in and for inciting students and peasants to revolt against the landowners. He dedicated the latter book to the Salvadoran police chief roque dalton had filed the charges against him.

From that point on, starting with La Ventana en el rostro and El Mar "The Sea" inalmost all of his roque dalton work was published in Cuba.

Roque Dalton’s “Toward a Better Love”

In the summer ofhe returned to El Salvador to continue his political work. Problems for Peace and Socialism.

While he was in Prague, he wrote his internationally acclaimed Taberna y Otros Lugares. In Roque Roque dalton had become a recognized figure in the Salvadoran left.


Roque dalton tried hard to become a revolutionary soldier, for which roque dalton he participated in military training camps in Cuba several times. Roque Dalton —75 was the major literary figure and an important political architect of the revolutionary movement in El Salvador.

Dalton represents a new type of Latin American writer: A dangerous and difficult profession, in which the event that seals a writer's reputation is often precocious martyrdom.

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roque dalton However, the organization's leader, Commander roque dalton whose real name was Salvador Cayetano Carpiorejected his application, arguing that Roque's role in the revolution was as a poetand not as a foot-soldier.

Assassination by the ERP[ edit ] Once an active member in ERP, Dalton stressed the importance of establishing bonds with the organizations from civil society.

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Some of the other members of ERP roque dalton with him. They accused him of trying to divide the organization. This group, whose most internationally known leader was Joaquin Villalobos "Atilio"allegedly condemned him to death on 10 Mayonly four days before Roque was to turn Therefore, Dalton's literary production stopped when a group of commandos, whose members were Joaquin Villalobos and Jorge Melendez nom de guerre 'Jonas' ended his life.

This commando was sent by Edgar Alejandro Rivas Mira. Roque was shot to death in a house in Santa Anita neighbourhood in San Salvador city.

There were possibly others involved in his execution, but these are the ones still alive today: The most commonly roque dalton version of facts suggests that Dalton was "mistakenly accused" of operating as an agent for the CIAreason for which he was executed.

Roque Dalton - Roque Dalton Poems - Poem Hunter

Inhe was back in El Salvador working in the underground. Roque dalton was a difficult time for the revolutionary movement, and Dalton's own organization, the ERP, was torn by a bitter factional fight.

Dalton criticized the organization's military adventurism and argued the need to build a mass base. Under circumstances that still remain obscure, he was accused of complicity with the CIA and assassinated by members of a rival faction of the ERP. It is commonly roque dalton. To those who knew the author, the answer by Roque Dalton to the statements by this man could be easily imagined.


What is clear is that Roque Dalton would have not been displeased if anyone had then roque dalton that even now, the murderers are afraid of him, and that the accusations of CIA collaboration were then and now a simple after the fact excuse of a group of terrorists fully aware of the roque dalton nature of their acts.

That would be enough in any decent nation of this planet for a prosecutor to proceed.