According to a report published in Economic Times (February 13, ), the government is planning to revive the Seeds Bill, which was first. A new Indian Seeds Bill in has been circulated by the government of India to overhaul the seed regulatory system. The stated objective of. The Seeds Bill, The Bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on December 9, It has been referred to the Standing Committee on.


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The seeds are required to meet certain prescribed minimum standards. All seeds and planting material sold by farmers will have seed bill 2004 conform to the minimum standards applicable to registered seeds.

If a registered variety of seed fails to perform to expected standards, the farmer can claim compensation from the producer or dealer under the Consumer Protection Act, The Bill permits self certification of seeds by accredited agencies and allows the central government to recognize certification by foreign seed certification seed bill 2004.


PPVFR Act set up a framework to protect the intellectual property rights of breeder and on the other hand safeguarding the rights of farmers. The seed bill 2004 sold by farmers has to conform to the minimum standards. This provision could be difficult to implement.


Physical infrastructure would be required to test these standards. Such testing would increase the cost of seeds. Seed bill 2004 in PPVFR act there is only one requirement that farmers cannot sell branded seeds which is easier to implement.

The government has proposed new amendments to the Bill in Seed bill 2004 and Novemberaccepting most of the recommendations given by the Standing Committee.

Highlights of the Bill after the Official Amendments The Seeds Bill, aims to regulate the quality of seeds sold, and replaces the Seeds Act, All varieties of seeds for sale have to be registered.

The Seeds Bill, - Legislative Brief

The seeds are required to meet certain prescribed minimum standards. They argued that the country might end up importing plant diseases along with the seeds.

Still worse was the fear that the bulk of the seeds used in India seed bill 2004 eventually be imported, as was the case with Mexico. This was denied by the government, which insisted that the seeds could only be imported for two years except for vegetables and fruits.

Although the industry first welcomed the seed policy, it later began to object to the two-year limit, saying that this was too short a period for effective production. But what the designers of the seed policy overlooked at that stage of formulation was that it would, after sometime, raise the demand for more protection for imported varieties.

seed bill 2004


This is exactly what happened. After some time, the seed industry began pressurising the government seed bill 2004 provide adequate intellectual property rights protection, either in the form of plant variety protection or patents.

The Seeds Bill, - Bill Summary

The government thus began re-examining its policy on plant variety protection. At that time, out of an estimated odd seed companies in the country, only 18 belonged to the public sector and 10 to the cooperative sector. The remaining units were established in the private sector, of seed bill 2004, about 25 to seed bill 2004 are in the large private sector, while over are medium and small size units [38].

The Planning Commission of India for the current plan [39] envisages an increase in seed replacement ratio for crops with an increased role of the private sector in the production of certified seeds.

Seeds Bill Salient Features & Current Status - General Knowledge Today

However seeds from the informal sector are exempt, seed bill 2004 long as seed bill 2004 are not sold. Bangladesh Bangladesh's first seed law was passed in Five notified crops rice, wheat, sugarcane, potato and jute were mainly handled by public institutions.

Also, any seed sold by a farmer has to conform to the minimum limits of germination, and physical and genetic purity as applicable to commercially sold seeds.