Shadow Falls is a series of fantasy-themed novels written by author C.C. Hunter. The series centers on year-old teen Kylie Galen, who is sent off to Shadow Falls Camp by her mother, only to find out that the Antagonists; Ghosts; Support characters; Other characters. 2 References; 3 External links. Between overused phrases, constant group hugs (it's a little weird to constantly hug your camp leaders, lbr), the Shadow Falls series has. She takes refuge at Shadow Falls, a camp for teens with paranormal powers. It's where she and her best friends, Kylie and Miranda, heal their heartbreak with.


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Our love triangle flattened anti-climatically and suddenly.

Shadow Falls

The way it was done and the feelings of that person as they jumped shadow falls camp 3 another girl so quickly was unbelievable. You know, considering that by the end of the series she has been at Shadow Falls for just 3 months! Derek started to bother me in the last three books. Always there, always knowing what Kylie was feeling, always wanting to take that friendship into more, he was just there too much.

He might be a great guy, but I definitely did not root for him in the last books. I may be a Lucas fan, but even I can see how his character did a in book shadow falls camp 3 to become more like Derek.

Attacked by a deadly virus, she must make the difficult choice to be reborn. It's her only chance at survival, but it comes with a price: It irreparably bonds her to Chase, a tall, dark and mesmerizing vampire who makes her laugh one minute and infuriates her the next.


This series is going to be a shadow falls camp 3 Kylie is funny and vulnerable, struggling to deal with her real-world life and her life in a fantastical world she's not sure she wants to be a part of.

Peppered throughout with humor and teen angst, Born At Midnight is a laugh-out-loud page-turner. This one is going on the keeper shelf next to my Armstrong and Meyer collections! Miranda Kane is a dyslexic witch, and Kylie's and Della's second best friend and roommate.

Though she is on good terms with both Kylie and Della, she often quarrels with Della using threatening remarks. In Taken at Dusk, she begins a relationship with shape-shifter Perry Gomez. She is known for messing up her spells shadow falls camp 3 to her dyslexia.

In Chosen at Nightfall, Miranda angrily turns Nikki, a shapeshifter, into a kangaroo and then curses her with shadow falls camp 3 zits all over her body out of jealousy of her affection toward Perry. Antagonists[ edit ] Mario Esparza is a member of the vampire council and the main antagonist of the entire series.

Shadow Falls Series by C.C. Hunter

He first appears in Awake shadow falls camp 3 Dawn, where he has his grandson, Roberto, kidnap Kylie to make her his granddaughter-in-law.

After this failed, he makes multiple attempts to kill her, including creating sink holes and summoning lightning. His grandson, however, stops him every time, and in the end, dies for his betrayal. Mario is supposedly a vampirebut his powers go far beyond the regular vampire for unknown reasons.

Shadow Falls - Wikipedia

At the end of Chosen at Nightfall, Mario confronts Kylie in a sword fight, but is stabbed shadow falls camp 3 death by his own son, and his soul taken to hell. Roberto Esparza is the initial antagonist of the Shadow Falls series.

He was a key member of the dangerous Blood Brothers Gang - a group of vampires - and aimed to shut down Shadow Falls Camp. He captured Kylie in Awake at Dawn in a shadow falls camp 3 attempt to make her his bride.

Series review: Shadow Falls (3-5) by C. C. Hunter

In Taken at Dusk, he made multiple attempts to protect her from his grandfather's assassinations, ultimately sacrificing himself by taking a bolt of lightning meant for Kylie and dies, in which lands his soul a place in heaven.

Collin Warren is the main antagonist of Whispers at Moonrise. He is a half-fae serial killer who went after Shadow falls camp 3, Holiday's twin sister, and later attempted to kill Holiday.

He infiltrated Shadow Falls as a recommended history teacher.