Request PDF on ResearchGate | Advances in the culture of the Mexican bullseye puffer fish Sphoeroides annulatus, Jenyns | This. ABSTRACT. The puffer fish Sphoeroides annulatus is an important target species for the artisanal fishing fleets of NW Mexico. To obtain information on. Lepeophtheirus simplex Ho, Gómez et Fajer-Avila, is a parasite of Sphoeroides annulatus (Jenyns), an economically important fish species, with potential.


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WoRMS - World Register of Marine Species

At the infracommunity level, 4 descriptors used mean species richness, mean number of individuals, mean Brillouin's diversity index, and mean Berger-Parker index varied significantly between sampling months, but no seasonality was observed, except for a slight sphoeroides annulatus in the number of individuals during the warmest month.

A significant positive association was detected between sphoeroides annulatus of individuals and water temperature and between host size and both species richness and number of individuals.

This is the first account of the ecology of these 5 parasitic copepods. Available from the authors. El Botete Sphoeroides annulatus: Advances in sphoeroides annulatus culture of the Mexican bullseye puffer fish Sphoeroides annulatus, Jenyns sphoeroides annulatus Toxicities and distribution of tetrodotoxin in the tissues of puffer fish found in the coast of the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico.

Folia Parasitologica, vol. 62 (2015)

Tetrodotoxin, Saxitoxin and their significance in the study of excitation phenomena. Sphoeroides annulatus and etiological Studies on tetrodotoxin and its analogs.

Seafood and Environmental Toxins. TTX accumulation in pufferfish.

Toxicity of cultured bullseye puffer fish Sphoeroides annulatus.

Tetrodotoxin-distribution and accumulation in aquatic organisms, and cases of human intoxication. Difference in accumulation of puffer fish toxin and crystalline tetrodotoxin in the puffer fish, Fugu rubripes rubripes. Comparison of toxicity of sphoeroides annulatus cultured and wild puffer fish Fugu niphobles.

Toxicity of the sphoeroides annulatus puffer fish Fugu rubripes rubripes, along with their resistibility against tetrodotoxin.

Ocurrence of tetrodotoxin in cultured puffer. Production of tetrodotoxin in puffer fish embryos.

Marine Drugs | Free Full-Text | Toxicity of Cultured Bullseye Puffer Fish Sphoeroides annulatus

Sphoeroides annulatus topics relating to their biology sphoeroides annulatus aquaculture production are currently under study, in particular the nutrition and feeding aspects required to formulate practical feeds and rearing protocols.

Improvements in larval growth and survival are possible by feeding live food organisms with natural or enhanced essential fatty acids content and highly digestible artificial microdiets.

Siphonostomatoida, life cycle, sea louse, crustacean, Mexican Pacific, Tetraodontidae Received: May 21, ; Accepted: July 25, ; Prepublished online: