I just got a TC Electronic G-Sharp processor as a deal closer when I got my Joe Satriani Signature Model JSBP. So far I've run it in the FX  Anyone know what this is? TC Electronics processor. G-Sharp is a dual engine guitar processor that combines superior TC Electronic effects with an easy-to-use interface. If you play the guitar you probably already. G-Sharp. DUAL ENGINE GUITAR FX PROCESSOR. USER'S MANUAL .. Congratulations on the purchase of your TC Electronic G-Sharp guitar effects.


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G-SHARP | Effects Processors | Guitar | TC Electronic | Categories | MUSIC Group - TC Electronic

There's no piece of software that has EMT plates I prefer. The spring reverb is awesome and even captures some of that fender long-pan bounce at high settings The real standout to me is a setting called Lo-Fi delay that simulates nothing Its tc electronic g sharp a mix of analog BBD decay tc electronic g sharp this bitty distortion like a 1st generation digital delay from the late 70s.

Its shockingly great in the mix. The ducking delay is, of course, incredibly useful for soaring leads and solos combined with the tap tempo.

User reviews: TC Electronic G-Sharp - Audiofanzine

Did I say tap tempo? Its a sturdy metal box with chunk EHX type stomps that you can't F-up. Screw MIDI, this is so easy.

There's a "dry kill" switch on the back! My rig initially involved my plexi into a 16 ohm hot plate feeding a tv cab, then the line out from the plate would hit the TC with the complete distorted power amp sound, get the effects tc electronic g sharp no dry, and then hit a 70s stereo ASR power amp that would drive a couple 4x10s.

No for the bad news.

Anybody Out There Using a TC Electronic G-Sharp Processor?

The Line 6 green delay stomp and purple modulation stomp have the same quality. Anyway, it can really bug me in a stereo setting when I'm surrounded by oddall treble on all my echo.


With lo-fi delay mode it doesn't matter because of the bitty, gritty, furriness, and lo-fi delay is really cool and fun. Super easy - The manual is tc electronic g sharp and sufficient?

Super Light - Effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes?

Effects, reverb and delay are trs good quality Modulations, well, there's a pick up and leave, to head because I do not use it, chorus, tremolo trs are well The flanger is pretty no more Smooth Phaser vibrato and frankly not that good Its simplicity and fast to use, the quality of reverbs and delays - Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

I had several multi effect before the i. Tc electronic g sharp without hesitation I do not know why we compare the g-sharp with other multi purpose, I do not think it's comparable, the g-sharp is intended primarily for users tc electronic g sharp for excellent reverb and delays, nothing less.

I use it in the loop of a Marshall JMP-1only the reverbs and delays, and rsultats are more than excellent, nothing to say is nickel, not breathing in the config Thanks to the G-switch controls the I g-sharp and jmp-1which is appreciable trs Here, if you are looking for a multi-purpose and dedicated to delays reverbs, look no further, tc electronic g sharp g-sharp These effects are fewer but much better quality.

Used on any class A amp lamps, needless to say I do not dnaturer the original sound of my master Lag. Parallle with a loop, there would not have this problem.

Good Obviously we do not know the edit in-depth as the G force, but tc electronic g sharp for the price I look forward to my choice