The book written by Steve Berry highlights the dramatic excesses in running after the ancient secrets. A mystical book unveils the undisclosed phenomenon of. Cotton Malone retired from the high-risk world of elite operatives for the U.S. Justice Department to lead the low-key life of a rare-book dealer. His horrified ex-wife confirms that the threat is real: Their teenage son has been kidnapped. And what they want is nothing less than. The Alexandria Link has ratings and reviews. Josh said: Reading this book I felt a ton of conflicting thoughts and emotions. There were many.


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Pursued by a lethal mercenary, Malone crosses the globe in search of answers.


His quest will the alexandria link him to England and Portugal, even to the highest levels of American government—and the shattering outcome, deep in the Sinai desert, will have worldwide repercussions. Author Steve Berry keeps the language and action scenes clean, making these books safe for readers who dislike profanity and graphic violence.


Reading The Templar Legacy first will familiarize the reader with the characters but it is not necessary. He mentions that Arabs are fighting the alexandria link war that is unnecessary, against an enemy that is misinformed.

Unable to learn more, the leader decides to shoot the mysterious man. In present-day Copenhagen, DenmarkCotton Malone is in trouble.

His son Gary is being held hostage by unknown enemies who want to trade him for the secret of the Alexandria Link. Malone is the only living person who's aware of it. the alexandria link


He and his ex-wife Pam visit Malone's influential friend Henrik Thorvaldsen's mansion to get some answers. A mysterious the alexandria link, Dominick Sabre, is following them all the time.

Green says that the Link is in fact a person named George Haddad, a Palestinian biblical soldier. Malone uses Thorvaldsen's computer to log the alexandria link his "Magellan Billet" secure server, which was accessible to him when he used to work for the justice department.

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He contacts his former boss, Stephanie Nelle, for more information. She mentions that there was some security breach and some secured files may have been exposed.

The alexandria link also liked how off-balance the story kept you. There is so much deception and government plotting and backstabbing, the reader never really knows who is being honest, trustworthy, or whose motives are understandable.

Things are constantly shifting fast and furiously. The reader is never truly sure who the enemy is.

The Alexandria Link

A third thing I liked was the idea of this big, mysterious entity trying to affect world politics through manipulation, murders, and strife, especially in the Middle East, already a hotbed of issues.

This brings me to the alexandria link I detested about this novel. Hopefully, not giving anything away, Steve Berry posits that the Library of Alexandria will reveal that the the alexandria link day location of Israel is wrong.