The reason swimming always felt like such a “good workout,” I is the world headquarters for the Total Immersion Swimming movement, which. Total Immersion makes you run through swim strokes in the same way then the drills are very doable and can vastly improve your swimming. TI Effortless Endurance Freestyle Workshop: New Windsor, NY · From TI Effortless Endurance & Smart Speed Freestyle Workshop: Sudbury, MA.


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Total Immersion: How I Learned to Swim Effortlessly in 10 Days and You Can Too

We replaced it first with Sweet Spot, then by separating breathing exercises from those for body position We instructed students to draw the thumb up the side, as total immersion swimming drills pulling up a zipper.

They produced a compact, even elegant recovery.


But they also tended to total immersion swimming drills over-rotation and instability in the core. Consequently, we replaced them with Rag Doll and Paint a Line drills which teach a more relaxed recovery, while preserving a stable core and promoting healthy shoulders.

Total Immersion Swimming Drills | SportsRec

More Whole Stroke In the s, it was typical at a TI workshop to do some 6 hours of stroke drills before putting it total immersion swimming drills together in whole stroke for perhaps 10 minutes. Now we do several short reps of whole stroke within 10 to 15 minutes of the start of a workshop or lesson.

To immediately apply a new mini-skill in this case a weightless head as soon as possible after heightening awareness of that skill in Torpedo.

And we continue with that approach throughout the workshop.

A Total Immersion Primer: The Why and How of Stroke Drills | Total ImmersionTotal Immersion

Five to 10 minutes of a drill to heighten a sensation, followed by a similar amount of time testing total immersion swimming drills sensation in whole stroke. The proportion of drill to whole stroke is pretty close to This brings me to why I barely ever do stroke drills any more.

I did intensive drill practice and sometimes a full hour or more of nothing but drills for most of the s.

During that time, I completely remade my stroke, dramatically increasing my efficiency. This followed a year period in which there was virtually no change in my swimming.

Total Immersion Swimming Drills

My improvement opportunities changed. Following 10 years focus on the vessel-shaping aspects of technique, there remained relatively little upside.

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While there are several drills with value in learning them, most of the refinement potential comes from whole stroke practice with focal points.

I adopted new training aids.

Total Immersion Freestyle Drills Cheat Sheet - Total Immersion Forums

During this period I was introduced to Fistgloves and the Tempo Trainer. While the Fistgloves can be useful in some drill practice, both tools yield their greatest value in whole stroke practice. Experiment with hand swapping as a drill: I short-circuited trying to follow half a dozen rules at once.

The single drill that forced me to total immersion swimming drills most other things correctly is described on pg.


This is the visualization I found most useful: This one exercise cut an additional strokes off each lap of freestyle.