Home» Maps» Tsunami In India» Earthquake» Tsunami Affected Areas in Tamil Nadu. Tremors and Tidal Wave Hits South India Tremors and Tidal waves hits South India, Large Scale devastation reported. Over a thousand people have been killed in tidal waves in Tamil Nadu, Andhra. PDF | The Indian Ocean tsunami had a significant impact on the Tamil Nadu coast in India. In this paper, a range of field survey data. Tsunamis hit Tamil Nadu, toll reaches 1, The devastating tidal waves that lashed several coastal districts of Tamil Nadu on Sunday have left at least 1, people dead, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa said in Chennai.


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People living in Tamil Nadu's coastal districts affected by tsunami today paid homage to the thousands who were swallowed by the giant waves on this day.


Life was back to normal in Tamil Nadu tsunami in tamil nadu Saturday following a peaceful dawn-to-dusk shutdown Friday on the Cauvery waters dispute, marred only by the death of a self-immolation victim.

That can be expected in Kerala, as is already being seen in some places. And at this point, the damage done to roads after being soaked in water for so long can only be imagined.

Tamil Nadu remembers tsunami victims- The New Indian Express

It might be a good idea if the state insists on getting help from the Army early on to tidy up the roads tsunami in tamil nadu a big way. The districts of neighbouring Karnataka and Tamil Nadu bordering Kerala tsunami in tamil nadu contribute civic staff to clean up and sanitise Kerala's roads.

In the early stages of post-disaster relief, men and materials can help more than cash. Entire India must join effort Quite clearly, the challenge of rehabilitation in Kerala can't possibility be met by the Pinarayi Vijayan government alone without generous help from the Centre, other states, individual donors and volunteers on the field.

Tsunami Affected Areas in Tamil Nadu

The most heartening thing in the aftermath of the Tamil Nadu tsunami was the help that poured in from across India. People cutting across political, linguistic, regional and religious divides rushed to Tamil Nadu's help.

It is an extraordinary national calamity," Jayalalithaa said. During her aerial survey, she said she had seen in several places like Mamallapuram, tidal waves sweeping tsunami in tamil nadu and sea water gushing onto the roads. The worst hit districts were Nagapattinam and Cuddalore where even pucca houses had collapsed.

Tsunami Affected Areas in Tamil Nadu

Other aftershocks of up to magnitude 6. A week after the earthquake, its reverberations could still be measured, providing valuable scientific data about the Earth's interior. The Indian Ocean earthquake came just three days after a tsunami in tamil nadu 8. This is unusual, since earthquakes of magnitude 8 or more occur only about once per year on average.

Geological Survey sees no evidence of a causal relationship between these events. This energy is equivalent to over 1, times that of the Hiroshima atomic bombbut less than that of Tsar Bombathe largest nuclear weapon ever detonated; however, tsunami in tamil nadu total physical work done MW and thus energy by the quake was 4.

Tsunamis hit Tamil Nadu, toll reaches 1,

The only recorded earthquakes with a larger MW were the Chilean and Alaskan quakes, with 2. The seismic waves of the earthquake were felt across the planet; as far away as the U.


The seismograms are arranged vertically by distance from the epicenter in degrees. A major aftershock magnitude 7.

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

The aftershock would be considered a major earthquake tsunami in tamil nadu ordinary circumstances but is dwarfed by the mainshock. The shift of mass and the massive release of energy slightly altered the Earth's rotation. The exact amount is not yet known, but theoretical models suggest the earthquake shortened the length of a day by 2.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands appear to have shifted south-west by around 1. The survey, conducted using a tsunami in tamil nadu, multi-beam sonar system, revealed that the earthquake had made a huge impact on the topography of the seabed.

An oceanic trench several kilometres wide was exposed in the earthquake zone.