VMware Certified Professional. Getting base level VMware certification used to be straightforward. There used to be one certification, one. It used to be that VMware had only one certification: the VMware Certified Professional (VCP). Becoming a VCP was fairly basic; you had to attend an approved. VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification validates your skills in data center virtualization using the dominant vSphere environment. Compare VCP.


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Get a lab going somewhere — whether that be at work, at home or a buddy's house. VMware is good at testing practical knowledge that is easiest to come by with practice. Try to do all the things you vcp vmware certified professional previously read, watched or listened to.

By this time you have got this! Get a good night sleep.

No late night cramming. Relax and just get it done. The last point I want to re-emphasize— just get it done.

Do not fear the exam. Prepare for it and you will not have any problems. Do not procrastinate; once you vcp vmware certified professional the commitment to attend the course follow through with achieving the certification. It is very easy to let this slip off your radar and just go about your daily routine.

The point of achieving vcp vmware certified professional exam is not just the letters you can append after your name in your email signature. The point is to increase your knowledge and improve your skills; it's as much the journey as the destination.

Get our content first. If this message remains, it may be due to cookies being disabled or to an ad blocker. He's been in vcp vmware certified professional IT industry for over 10 years, specializing in virtualization for the last six.

Cloud and virtualization is my passion. I know, Im a geek.

VMware Certification sets the standard for IT professionals.

Or is it a vGeek? I love to learn and talk about any topic, especially virtualization! If you have taken a vSphere 5. Yes, by passing the VCP6.

VMware Certified Professional - Data Center Virtualization Exam

Do I have to complete the requirements in the order listed? No, however we strongly recommend that vcp vmware certified professional do so. Also, please note that successfully registering to take an exam does not imply that you meet the certification requirements in full.

Is there a grace period after my certification is revoked, or do I need to start over?

There is no grace period after your certification is revoked. To regain VCP certified status, you must meet all the requirements for the current certification version.